President’s Message: November 2022

Dear Community,

During this month of Thanksgiving, we remember and are grateful for all who provide nourishment and sustenance for the young people in our community through gifts of time, talent, and treasure. Their joyous faces lit up with hope and eagerness to learn are a testament to your support and commitment in service to God’s will.

Catholic Community Schools are rich with talented and caring staff, faculty and administrators. Before a single student stepped foot into the school buildings this year, our educators were hard at work preparing for new, nourishing and enriching ways to support students’ best learning. In the wake of the last couple of years in which we have been challenged by a global pandemic, our administrators recognized the opportunity to develop a greater ability to identify and respond to stress in an informed way for our teachers and students. With specialized training prior to the beginning of this school year, our educators are more equipped than ever to support the wellbeing of our students.

Our aim is to achieve excellence in everything we do – especially in academics. We’ve been making great strides in staff development with the hiring of Sara Michaelson as our new Director of Learning and Teaching. The addition of this role allows our schools to purposefully and efficiently distribute resources that build cohesion across curricula while supporting every student. She has set the year off to a great start working directly with our principals and teachers to create professional development plans and form assessments of classroom successes.

Every prayer said and dollar contributed counts towards creating a success story in our schools. With your continued support, we can sustain our efforts to always provide the highest level of instruction, support each child to achieve success, and integrate the school experience into our students’ developing roles as compassionate members of our community. If the past two years showed us anything, it is that through our community’s strength of faith and love we can prevail through any hardship. Built on the foundation of Jesus’ teachings, through the help and support of our faith community, and with the outstanding commitment of our staff, families, and parish communities, we enter this school year with renewed excitement and joy.

Thank you for your continued support and please keep our students, staff, and faculty members in your prayers.

By His Grace,

Scott Warzecha, President of Catholic Community Schools