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The Cathedral Education Foundation is an independent, 501(c)(3) charitable trust that exists to support Cathedral through endowed funds. It was formed in 1978 by members of the community who saw the value that Cathedral brought to our community and wanted to ensure that Cathedral remained a strong, vibrant, and growing educational institution for youth well into the future. The endowed funds retain their principal, with distributions from earnings supporting Cathedral families, teachers, and programming. Your gifts to The Cathedral Education Foundation will have a lasting impact on the school and community for generations to come.

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Making An Impact

The Foundation has distributed over $11,000,000 in program support and tuition assistance to date, and it retains just under $11,000,000 in fund assets. The following stories are of donors who have left their legacy with endowed giving, and families who have been impacted by these gifts.


Jonathan and Carolina Walz | A Family Impact Story

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Ron and Jane Brown | A Donor Impact Story

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Brian and Tammy Schefers | A Family Impact Story

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Your Support is your Legacy

If you are looking to leave a lasting and meaningful impact with your charitable giving, gifts to endowed funds with the Cathedral Education Foundation are a great way to leave your legacy. There are a variety of established endowed funds that you may choose to contribute to, or you can start your own!


Cathedral Scholarship Fund

Gifts of any amount to the Cathedral Scholarship Fund are endowed funds that provide financial assistance to qualified families in the form of tuition scholarships. With a growing number of Cathedral families requiring tuition assistance (over 33%), these scholarship funds are crucial to making Cathedral an accessible and affordable option for all. *Opportunities exist to create named scholarship endowment funds. See donor designated named funds below.

Cathedral Teacher Fund

Gifts of any amount to the Cathedral Teacher Fund are endowed funds that provide educators with funding for professional development opportunities, competitive wages, and reasonable benefits. As we face a national teacher shortage, Cathedral recognizes that we must provide fair and competitive wages and benefits to our educators if we want to recruit and retain the best. *Opportunities exist to create named teacher endowment funds. See donor designated named funds below.

Cathedral Endowed Fund

Gifts of any amount to the Cathedral Endowed Fund are unrestricted, providing Cathedral with earned income each year put towards best use as determined by Cathedral leadership. These funds give the school maximum flexibility to accomplish strategic priorities and sustain the excellence of its programs. *Opportunities exist to create named unrestricted endowment funds. See donor designated named funds below.

Donor Designated Named Funds

Donors may establish a fund in their name with a minimum gift or multi-year pledge of $25,000. Donor Designated Named Funds have the flexibility to distribute both interest and principal to a designated use in accord with the donor’s intent at the time the fund was established. Donor named funds may be:

  • undesignated, providing unrestricted best use assistance to Cathedral,
  • designated, providing support to a specific department or field of interest at Cathedral of the donor’s choice (subject to approval),
  • designated to student scholarships, providing tuition assistance to families in need, or
  • designated to teacher development, recruitment, and retainment.

Donor Designated Named Funds often reflect the area the donor wishes to designate funds to within their name, such as, “The Smith Family Scholarship Fund,” or “The Doe Family Teacher Fund.”

The Cathedral Education Foundation has over 130 Donor Named Funds set up by individuals, families, organizations, and alumni classes, all working in perpetuity to ensure the long-term stability and permanency of Cathedral. These endowed funds are managed ethically and responsibly by a dedicated Board of Trustees.

To set up a Donor Designated Named Fund, contact David Eickhoff at 320-258-7653 or

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“The Cathedral Education Foundation is the single most important resource for tuition assistance, helping families with qualified need make their dream of attending Cathedral School a reality.  I am committed to helping The Foundation grow so that it can continue to offer financial support to families, educators, and school programming for years to come.”
~Paul Pfannenstein, Cathedral Education Foundation Trustee Chair

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