Are Catholic Schools Only for Catholics?

Non-Catholics are increasingly choosing Catholic high schools to enroll their children. Catholic high schools have for a long time been developing the minds and nurturing the spirits of both Catholic and non-Catholic students. Yet in classrooms, pews and bleachers, the number of non-Catholics joining their Catholic peers has steadily increased. Nationally, one-fifth of Catholic secondary


Is Catholic School a Good Value?

Parents are left wondering if Catholic school for their elementary or high school-bound children is worth it. The answer: It depends. It depends on how much value you place on the following advantages of Catholic schools. Jesus as Teacher The primary Catholic School advantage is reflected in the philosophy that challenges students to improve the


After weeks of discussion with many stakeholders, including members of our Principal School Working Group, a thorough review of Minnesota state guidelines for school reopening, and an evaluation of what works best for our students, we will start the school year with our students returning to in-person settings—safely.

Reopening Plan