Middle School

Now Enrolling Grades 6-8

Where Your Child Belongs

Looking for a middle school where your child belongs, believes, and achieves? One that acknowledges the uniqueness of middle schoolers and appreciates their curious nature? Cathedral has a middle school program like no other in the St. Cloud area. One that will help your student reach their full potential while nurturing their academic, emotional, and social needs.

New this year, founded on research and best practices, the Cathedral middle school program is incorporating cross-curricular, project-based learning. With brand new state-of-the-art science labs, a makerspace, and a culinary arts lab, Cathedral will set your child up for success!

NEW Integrated Learning Approach = NEW Classrooms




Create, design, build & test concepts in interactive spaces

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Formulate & test theories involving math, science & engineering concepts

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Apply math, history, science & language arts in immersive culinary experiences

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Introducing Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning takes the standardized curriculum your child is studying in the classroom a step further by having them apply these principles in dedicated interactive learning spaces. Your child will work collaboratively with their peers, be engaged in hands-on projects, whilst developing their communication and critical thinking skills. They will test hypotheses, solve problems, and find practical applications and answers to their many questions.

Imagine learning about bacteria, fermentation, and cultures in science class, then applying this knowledge by making yogurt in the culinary arts lab. Picture learning to speak Chinese or Spanish, then preparing a traditional dish that represents that culture. Dream about the possibilities for your child as they learn invaluable life skills and become proficient with a wide variety of tools, designing, fixing, and creating things in the makerspace.

Introducing Project-Based Learning

  • It is hypothesis and inquiry based, offering a situational problem to solve. This drives critical thinking skills.
  • It is team-based work, with more questioning and discussion. This encourages collaboration and communication skills.
  • It is student-led, as the teacher sets the parameters of the project, the student connects information from research to results, developing problem solving skills.

Whole-Student Approach

It’s not just about academics or athletics. It’s about your child’s whole self; their character, confidence, potential, and faith.

Tuition Support

The investment in a Catholic education can be affordable. Almost every Crusader receives tuition assistance in some form

Differentiated Learning

You don’t need to fit inside a box at Cathedral. Let’s work together to determine the best learning style for your student.