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Elevate the Learning Experience

We are grateful that we are not reliant on government funding to set the high-level education experience at Cathedral. Instead, God has blessed us with enthusiastic donors who are eager to step in whenever asked to help, and we take their willingness to help seriously. Through careful planning and alignment of our donor's gifts to our students' needs, we are able to ensure their success while at Cathedral and into their future.

The Advancement Office is raising the last of the funds needed for the new 21st Century Academic Building, which was completed this fall of 2020. Connect with Chris Schellinger in our Advancement Office at 320-257-2139 to receive a tour and hear more about how you can get involved.

Fly Through Video of the New 21st Century Academic Building

The Campaign for Cathedral

The focus of The Campaign for Cathedral is the construction of a 21st century academic facility featuring state-of-the-art science, engineering, and visual arts learning spaces, as well as a chapel and collaboration spaces.

Built between the Center building and North gym, this new academic building will have views to the Mississippi River and will physically connect all of our campus facilities.

Facility Benefits
• The project provides a long-term academic solution for Cathedral’s 21st Century Learning Initiative that builds student competencies in collaboration, communication, and critical-thinking, and facilitates individualized learning.

• It serves as a hub for the entire Cathedral Community with facilities for students and alumni to gather, learn, socialize, study, and pray together.

• The building enhances Cathedral’s exposure to the community as a vibrant school.

• The new building heightens the school’s ability to recruit both local and international students to create diversity.

• The project elevates science, technology, engineering, and visual arts programs for students who aspire to the highest levels.

• The project builds upon Cathedral’s proven strengths, while enhancing its heritage of providing phenomenal academics, abundant activities, and vibrant artistic offerings.

• All in all, it’s an investment into the continuance of Cathedral’s legacy of preparing youth for college or a career in today’s competitive, global marketplace.

Prayer of Gratitude

Help us to remember that we drink from wells we did not find, we eat food from farmland we did not develop, we enjoy freedoms which we have not earned, we worship in churches which we did not build.

And our children learn in schools we did not establish.


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