Counseling & Student Support Services

The Cathedral school counseling department works to provide a proactive, comprehensive, and developmentally appropriate program to address students’ academic and career goals, in addition to supporting their personal and social needs. This is accomplished through collaboration with parents/guardians, teachers, and community members, to enable all students to become successful, productive, contributing citizens and lifelong learners, in a diverse and changing world.

Middle School Counselors

Our middle school counselors serve students through classroom lessons, small groups as well as offering individual support.

Social/Emotional Support:

Our middle school counselors help students develop healthy living skills, positive self-image and help students understand the importance of healthy friendships and positive peer relationships. They assist students in learning effective communication skills, social skills, conflict resolution strategies, creative problem solving, as well as bullying prevention efforts.  Counselors also help students learn stress management or relaxation techniques, as well as coping strategies, for students who experience anxiety and/or depression.

Academic Counseling:

Our school counselors offer students study tips, organization and time management skills, memorization strategies, test-taking strategies, tips for dealing with test anxiety, and work with students on setting personal goals.  Counselors regularly collaborate with teachers and parents to help support students’ academic success.

High School Counselors

Academic Counseling:

Our counselors collaborate with teachers and parents to support students’ academic journey. Counselors help students develop academic goals, build class schedules, and navigate any problems that are interfering with academic success.

Personal and Social Counseling:

Counselors provide resources and care as students experience typical adolescent struggles. If concerns become more serious, counselors can provide referrals to outside professionals and support in the school community.

College and Career Planning:

Counselors work with students throughout high school to explore and support their post-secondary plans and goals. Students and parents receive information about college planning, standardized tests, scholarships, financial aid,  college visits, essays and resumes to guide students in making decisions.

Counseling Assistant