Welcome Crusader parent! Below you'll find some helpful resources for managing academics and student life at Cathedral. As always, if you have any questions or need assistance with anything else related to your student's Cathedral experience, call the main office at 320-258-7653.


School Calendar
  • Academic Calendar

  • Honor Roll

  • Student of the Month 2022

    High School
    Lily Blenkush, Art
    Jonathan Hanson, Business
    Elijah Weekes, Engineering
    Alyson Schneider, English
    Jamison Penticuff, Health/Phy Ed
    Xavier Dubay, Math
    Mary Watry, Music
    Emily Schaupp, Science
    Griffin Sturm, Social Studies
    Strider Carkhuff, Theology
    Elizabeth Hughes, World Languages
    Middle School
    Lundeen Cunningham, Art
    Taylor Laubach, English
    Sheridan Stockman, Health/Phy Ed
    Olivia Nguyen, Math
    Anya Craven, Music
    Paige Johnson, Science
    Cathleen Pay, Social Studies
    Morgan Calvert, Theology
    Aracely Arevalo, World Languages
    High School
    Grace Reynolds, Art
    Jonathan Doschadis, Business
    Logan Orth, Engineering
    Ava LaBine, English
    Jarrett Thelen, Health/Phy Ed
    Madelyn Anderson, Math
    Emily Manar, Music
    Tanner Schneider, Science
    Kayla Sexton, Social Studies
    Nicole Katterhagen, Theology
    Aaron Weitzel, World Languages
    Middle School
    Shyla Vickstrom, Art
    Evie Kremer-Reisdorf, English
    Oliver Stowe, Health/Phy Ed
    Devin Barnum, Math
    Nolan Longnecker, Music
    Callie Jerzak, Science
    Cecilia Jamison, Social Studies
    Isla Malkovich, Theology
    Shemiam Nicol, World Languages
    High School
    Matthew Primus, Art
    Lauren Heydman, Business
    Landon Swenson, Engineering
    Marti Hernandez-Cifre, English
    Avery Polipnick, Health/Phy Ed
    Danna Mulliner, Math
    Maya Walls, Music
    Emma Jamison, Science
    Quentin Dukowitz, Social Studies
    Isabella Keene, Theology
    Rhianna Sieben, World Languages
    Middle School
    Savannah Kroll, Art
    Olivia Watry, English
    Margherita Bushman, Health/Phy Ed
    Alexa Behrendt, Math
    Carson Rolph, Music
    Eden Hayenga, Science
    Jack Molus, Social Studies
    Isabel Jordt, Theology
    Ernest Malekebu, World Languages
    Name Grade Student of the Month Nominating Teacher
    Finley Potthoff 10 Art Dan Nelson
    Mason Layne 10 Business Jon Voss
    Abbey Giancola 10 Engineering Deacon Jim Trout
    Chloe Krippner 9 English Lynette Thelen
    Owen Anderson 11 Health/Phy Ed Rick Fleege
    Olvia Bauerly 12 Math Stephanie Stracke
    Jack Hamak 9 Music Donnell Lastine-Chopp
    Melanie Schultz 11 Science Erik Ellingboe
    Bella Jennings 9 Social Studies Darcy Frank
    Alyse Bailey 12 Theology Steve Penticuff
    Gino Sturm 10 World Languages Jackie Miley
    Name Grade Student of the Month Nominating Teacher
    Amber Pankratz 8 Art Cora Zenner
    n/a Business ——
    Isabel Jordt 8 English Kris Maehren
    Cal Primus 8 Health/Phy Ed Joel Stark-Haws
    Lara Ortega 8 Math Stephanie Stracke
    John Hughes 7 Music Donnell Lastine-Chopp
    Ava Hall 6 Science Jenny O’Fallon
    Jack Ziemann 8 Social Studies Lucas Carpenter
    Aivra Chapp 8 Theology Alvin Beniek
    Kyah Koenig 8 World Languages Jackie Miley
  • Student of the Month 2023

    Name Grade Student of the Month Nominating Teacher
    Emily Pankratz 12 Art Dan Nelson
    Caleb Yapuncich 12 Business Jon Voss
    Milo Dukowitz 10 Engineering Deacon Jim Trout
    Elizabeth Eiynck 12 English Amy Gagne
    Isabelle Anderson 11 Health/Phy Ed Bob Bjornstad
    Jacob Plante 11 Math Joe Bromenshenkel
    Ryan Heydman 12 Music Jonathan Rydberg
    Rose Marlette 9 Science Brad Kapsner
    Owen Scanlon 12 Social Studies Tina Scheierl
    Max Bastien 12 Theology Shelly Flynn
    Kate Nellans 10 World Languages Meng Liu
    Name Grade Student of the Month Nominating Teacher
    Tia Ward 6 Art Cora Zenner
    n/a Business
    Ainsley Burnham 7 English Charlie Hoffman
    Bella Newbauer 7 Health/Phy Ed Bob Bjornstad
    Sophia Dingmann 6 Math Amybeth Loesch
    Beatrice McGowan 8 Music Jonathan Rydberg
    Gabriela Kopka 7 Science Eli Stark-Haws
    Emma Fromm 7 Social Studies Robbie Stocker
    Jenner Moonen 8 Theology Alvin Beniek
    Lukas Ricke 8 World Languages Meng Liu
    Name Grade Student of the Month Nominating Teacher
    Elizabeth Thull 12 Art Dan Nelson
    Jaron Calvert 10 Business Jon Voss
    Robert Dorn 12 Engineering Deacon Jim Trout
    Avery Polipnick 11 English Bob Karn
    Dywane Powell 12 Health/Phy Ed Rick Fleege
    Ajay Amundson 11 Math John Watry
    Piper Haehn 11 Music Carmela Thiele
    Sara Reuter 12 Science Scott Baynes
    Samantha O’Donnell 12 Social Studies Robbie Stocker
    Blake Fleege 11 Theology Steve Penticuff
    Nicholas Hwang 11 World Languages Ann Brown
    Name Grade Student of the Month Nominating Teacher
    Bennett Grove 6 Art Cora Zenner
    n/a Business
    Karvelle Malekebu 6 English Kris Maehren
    Emelia Fortier 6 Health/Phy Ed Joel Stark-Haws
    Benjamin Garrett 6 Math Jenny O’Fallon
    Elizabeth Schwartz 6 Music Carmela Thiele
    Emersyn Brown 6 Science Jenny O’Fallon
    Carter Kelley 6 Social Studies Samantha Leintz
    Isaiah Schommer 7 Theology Alvin Beniek
    Nora Simones 8 World Languages Ann Brown
    Name Grade Student of the Month Nominating Teacher
    Mayah Weitzel 10 Art Dan Nelson
    Kylie Smith 11 Business Jon Voss
    Andrew Gill 11 Engineering Deacon Trout
    Abigail Silvers 10 English Jeremy Wollersheim
    Julia Vega 9 Health/Phy Ed Bob Bjornstad
    Jack Weihrauch 9 Math Stephanie Stracke
    Xavier Baynes 10 Music Donnell Lastine-Chapp
    Alayna Ferche 10 Science Meaghan Baynes
    Elizabeth Krueger 10 Social Studies Darcy Frank-Henrichs
    Jenna Sand 9 Theology Adam Martin
    Tyler Hausmann 11 World Languages Kathy Mugge
    Name Grade Student of the Month Nominating Teacher
    Parker Fleege 8 Art Cora Zenner
    n/a Business
    Bo Schmidt 7 English Charlie Hoffman
    Henry Staebler 8 Health/Phy Ed Joel Stark-Haws
    Isabelle Meyers 8 Math Amybeth Loesch
    Taten Bailey 8 Music Donnell Lastine-Chapp
    Elijah Van Heel 8 Science Shirley Janu
    Jake Swanson 8 Social Studies Luke Carpenter
    Cole Schwartz 8 Theology Alvin Beniek
    Jack Staller 8 World Languages Kathy Mugge
    High School
    Clara Schefers, Art
    Alvar Garcia, Business
    Vince Gebhardt, Engineering
    Nathan Voigt, English
    Alton Howard, Health/Phy Ed
    Mckayla Balfanz, Math
    Joseph McGowan, Music
    Christian Ebertz, Science
    Stella Ortega, Social Studies
    Kendall Heydman, Theology
    Grace Schommer, World Languages
    Middle School
    Kallie Makarrall, Art
    Alexis Volkers, English
    Teigen Werner, Health/Phy Ed
    Roger Craven, Math
    Gabriella Roberts, Music
    Barrett Flaherty, Science
    Enya Scanlon, Social Studies
    Jordan Bovy, Theology
    Avery Mathiason, World Languages
  • Lunch Calendar

    At Cathedral we are an allergy-aware school.

    Digital Lunch Calendar

    May Menu

  • Parent Council

    Welcome to Cathedral Parent Council!
    As a Cathedral parent, you are automatically an honorary Cathedral Parent Council member, and we welcome your participation in our monthly meetings as you are able. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm, in person in Cathedral’s North Building Conference Room. At our meetings, we share information about Cathedral and have guest speakers on subjects that are pertinent to parents and students.

    2022-2023 Meeting Dates:
    September 13
    October 11
    November 8
    January 10
    February 14
    March 14
    April 11

    Cathedral Parent Council Mission Statement

    The Cathedral Parent Council welcomes all parents/guardians of Cathedral students to membership. The Council meets monthly to facilitate the interaction and collaboration of Cathedral parents and families, in a spiritual environment, always for the ultimate good of the school.

    Cathedral Parent Council Purpose

    The Parent Association is the primary organization of all parents/guardians of students of Cathedral High School. The Council allows parents/guardians to become involved in the work of the school by providing volunteer opportunities and by encouraging parental participation. The Executive Board of the Cathedral Parent Council coordinates many activities on behalf of both parents and the school.

    Activities include:

    • Acting as a resource for faculty and staff;
    • Coordinating parent volunteers in many areas of school life;
    • Fostering and maintaining parent-to-parent and parent-to-school communication;
    • Sponsoring events of interest to school parents.

    Parent Council Executive Board

    • Co-Presidents: Sarah Nicoll and Kelly Anderson
    • Vice-President: Marit Ortega
    • Secretary: Jennifer Doschadis
    • Treasurer: Kris Scheeler
    • Volunteer Coordinator: Katie Schad

    CHS Parent Council Treasurer Report April 2023

    2022-2023 Parent Council Meeting Minutes

    September Minutes January Minutes April Minutes
    October Minutes February Minutes May Minutes
    November Minutes March Minutes

    2021-2022 Parent Council Meeting Minutes

    September Minutes January Minutes April Minutes
    October Minutes February Minutes May Minutes
    November Minutes March Minutes

    2020-2021 Parent Council Meeting Minutes

    September Minutes January Minutes April Minutes
    October Minutes February Minutes May Minutes
    November Minutes March Minutes

    Parent Council By-Laws, Last revised March 2021

    Donate to Parent Council:
    Cathedral Parent Council funds are used for staff appreciation efforts, student learning enhancement efforts, school-wide guest speakers, student retreats, and other special school requests for grants that are voted on by The Council. Please consider contributing to these efforts with an online donation or by sending a check payable to Cathedral Parent Council to 312 7th Ave N St. Cloud, MN 56303. Your gift will be put to good use to enhance the learning and teaching experience at Cathedral School.

    Join Cathedral Parent Council Facebook Group

  • Photos from Cathedral

    A huge thank you to our two main Cathedral photographers, David Eickhoff and Rachel Eickhoff Gross, for capturing moments of our students, faculty, and staff both in the classroom and participating in various activities and events.

    To view the photos from this school year click here.

  • Schedules

  • School Supply Lists

  • Service Learning Program / Logging Volunteer Hours

    In the words of the U.S. Bishops, “Catholic school students should be introduced gradually to the idea and practice of Christian service. In early years, efforts to instill a sense of mission and concern for others help lay a foundation for later service projects, as does study of the lives of the saints and outstanding contemporaries.” Sharing the Light, #232.

    At Cathedral, we believe that service should be an attitude, a way of life, and every person has a calling and a responsibility to serve one another as a living example of Jesus’ teachings. It is important not only to listen and understand the Word of God, but also to apply the lessons learned in our daily life through service to others.

    We will use the Corporal Works of Mercy, Spiritual Works of Mercy and the Principles of Catholic Social Teachings as the basis for our Service Learning Program.  All service learning experiences will be related to these models of Christian living, and students will be asked to reflect on the connections between their service experience and these models.

    Corporal Works of Mercy

    The Corporal Works of Mercy recognize the sacredness of human life. We learn through fulfilling these Works of Mercy for others that we are our brother’s keeper. Our feelings of love for our fellow man must be accompanied by acts of charity.

    (1) Feed the hungry. 

    (2) Give drink to the thirsty. 

    (3) Clothe the naked. 

    (4) Shelter the homeless. 

    (5) Visit those in prison. 

    (6) Comfort the sick. 

    (7) Bury the dead.

    Spiritual Works of Mercy

    The Spiritual Works of Mercy recognize sin, ignorance, doubt, sorrow and other human conditions where we need to reach out in faith and love to others. How many times did Jesus rebuke with love, counsel, teach and help those who did not know Him?

    (1) Admonish sinners. 

    (2) Instruct the uninformed.

    (3) Counsel the doubtful. 

    (4) Comfort the sorrowful. 

    (5) Bear wrongs patiently. 

    (6) Forgive offenses. 

    (7) Pray for the living and the dead.

    Catholic Social Teaching Principles

    The Catholic Social Teaching Principles are a rich treasure of wisdom about building a just society and living lives of holiness amidst the challenges of modern society. These principals highlight several of the key themes that are at the heart of our Catholic social tradition.

    (1) Life and Dignity of the Human Person.

    (2) Solidarity.

    (3) Care for God’s creation.

    (4) Call to Family, Community and Participation.

    (5) Option for the Poor and Vulnerable.

    (6) Rights and Responsibilities.

    (7) Dignity of Work and Rights of Worked

    Service Learning Requirements:

    Students are expected to fulfill the number of service hours listed below during the assigned grade. Students cannot wait until their senior year and attempt to fulfill all of the required hours. 

    Grade Hours Required Education Area
    Grade 7 10 – including 2 served in your Parish/Church* Corporal/Spiritual

    Works of Mercy

    Grade 8 10 – including 2 served in your Parish/Church* Corporal/Spiritual

    Works of Mercy

    Grade 9 15 – including 3 served in your Parish/Church* Catholic Social Teaching Intro

    Five Stages of Service Learning

    Grade 10 15 – including 3 served in your Parish/Church* Retreat / Project included
    Grade 11 20 -including 4 served in your Parish/Church* Catholic Social Teaching 


    Grade 12 20 -including 4 served in your Parish/Church* Capstone Project ?

    *Students will complete a total of 20 parish/church hours throughout their time at Cathedral. If you do not belong to a parish/church, contact Mrs. Baldwin for information.

    Parish/church service experiences are an opportunity for our students to be contributing members of their parish community, which prayerfully and financially supports their education.

    Logging Hours in MobileServe App:

    New this year, students will record their service experiences in MobileServe. This app allows students to record and reflect on their service experiences.  There will also be a current list of service opportunities, including many safe-distancing opportunities. 

    Getting Started Guide 

    MobileServe is available as a mobile app in the App Store and Google Play and can be used on most smartphones and tablets. If you’d rather not use the mobile app, you can create and manage your MobileServe account from any internet-connected device at Simply skip the download instructions below and start with Create Your Account. 

    Download the App 

    1. Go to the App Store or Google Play
    2. Search “MobileServe”
    3. Tap the Get or Install button next to MobileServe App

    Create Your Account 

    1. Open the app or go to & select Sign Up
    2. Enter your name, birthday, and create a password (skip the employer/school box)
    3. Select Next
    4. Add an optional photo to your profile or select Skip
    5. Select Next
    6. Enter the 6-digit code corresponding to your class:
      • Class of 2022: 1F5E0F CCS
      • Class of 2023: E2D346 CCS
      • Class of 2024: 020D53 CCS
      • Class of 2025: 21248F CCS
      • Class of 2026: OE871E
      • Class of 2027: 14C612
    7. Select Join

    Logging Hours

    After joining, be sure to categorize your service log by checking the box next to the organization name –Cathedral Catholic School – St. Cloud – and selecting the correct service category.


    Contact Sandy Baldwin, Service Learning Coordinator, at

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  • Family Handbook

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