International Students

A Global Cathedral Community

We are excited and blessed to have international students attend Cathedral each year. With the inclusion of this community, it diversifies Cathedral’s student body to serve an average of eight different nationalities at any one time. It allows both our domestic and international students to have meaningful cross-cultural experiences, broadening their outlook and knowledge of one another’s backgrounds, interests and ideas, and finding commonalities as well.

At Cathedral, you’ll find much more than an education, you’ll find a foundation of spiritual and academic growth.

Cathedral Students From Around The World


Daniel Zachuber


My experience at Cathedral: I am a third generation Cathedral exchange student. My grandma and my uncle both attended Cathedral when they were teenagers. They still talk about their experience and it urged me to apply.  Since my first day at Cathedral, it has been nothing but awesome! My host family is a perfect fit and I’ve been able to make new friends at Cathedral for life. The teachers at Cathedral actually help you and want you to succeed, it is a very welcoming and warm environment. Since arriving, I wake up everyday happy that I get to go to Cathedral school. This year has been the best year of my life and I’m really sad to be leaving. I hope that someday I can reconnect with the friends and family that I have made here. 


Alexia Alvarez

Being an exchange student has allowed me to grow as a person, and it has helped me learn many different things throughout multiple experiences during my time in the US. My host family has been amazing, and thanks to them I have been able to laugh, travel and enjoy my exchange year to the fullest. Cathedral did a really good job in welcoming me and making me feel at home. The school offers many classes that I had never heard of before, making it much more interesting when choosing subjects and activities. The teachers help students like myself with classes that I found more challenging, and they are always encouraging you to do your best. Cathedral is a fantastic place to make new friends, because there is a very good ambience in the school and people are really nice. This year, I have done things I never would have thought I'd do, and this has taught me that sometimes it's good to get out of your comfort zone and try something new, because it might become one of the best experiences in your life!

Cathedral Host Families

Cathedral has been serving international students since 1972 and during that time, hundreds of Cathedral families have graciously opened up their homes to host an international student. It’s a great way for international students to become immersed in our school community and be introduced to the American daily way of life. Living with a Cathedral family and attending school with fellow students offers a more a seamless introduction to a new country and a new school setting.

The Schad Family

Host Family Story
Hosting an international student has been an amazing experience. We've always admired these students for their courage and have been envious of the adventure of living abroad. We have learned about another culture and built a meaningful connection with a family across the world. Viewing our life through the lens of a visitor has helped us appreciate our surrounding's and given us a reason to participate in activities within Minnesota. We have enjoyed supporting and helping our student accomplish some of her school goals. She has certainly made a positive impact on our family.

The Kraemer Family

Host Family Story
Hosting a student from an international country has been extremely rewarding. We get to share so much of what we do at our home area and our student can share with us how things differ in their country. Living in a colder climate presents some interesting challenges but leads to new experiences, such as having a snowball fight! These students are not here just to study but to create memories that last a lifetime.

Become an International Student at Cathedral

Complete your International Student application

Before submitting an application you will need:

    • Teacher referral or recommendation
    • English transcript of recent school exam results.
    • English proficiency test

All international students are required to submit documentation of past or current academic records in English.


Once we have your application, our admissions will review all documentation to take you through the next stages.

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