Cathedral is proud to feature a menu with gluten-free [GF] options.  Always available gluten-free options include pizza, chicken tenders, hamburgers, and grilled chicken sandwiches. We continue to be committed to being an allergy-aware school. The school nurse will create a safe anaphylactic plan for students identified with allergies to food.  For your convenience, you can view a list of peanut and tree nut-free snacks here.  For questions regarding our lunch menu, please contact Candace Waldoch, Food Service Director, at (320) 257-2124 or

Lunch Prices:

Regular Meal – $4.00, Premium Meal – $4.75, Reduced meal – $1.50, Salad Bar/Sandwich Line – $5.85, 2nd Regular Entrée – $1.95,  2nd Premium Entrée – $2.20, Yogurt – $1.25, Extra Milk – $0.85, Extra Fruit or Dessert – $0.85, Extra Bread, Vegetables, Pasta Salad or Soup – $0.85

May Lunch Menu 2024

May Breakfast Menu 2024