This is a big decision, and we are so impressed that you're taking the time and care to really research your child's next step in education. Below are some of the questions we get most at Cathedral, but if you have different questions, we'd love to answer those as well. We want you to know in your heart that Cathedral is the right fit for your child and your family, so let us know how we can help.

  • Does our family have to be Catholic to attend Cathedral?

    Not at all. Cathedral welcomes families from any faith background. As a matter of fact, 26% of students at Cathedral are non-Catholic. And don’t worry, we will always respect your child’s faith, and they will never be singled-out or made to feel different. Coexisting in a diverse world with people of different faiths, backgrounds, and schools-of-thought is a value we nurture in our students.

  • Can my child enroll in the middle of a school year?

    Yes, we are happy to have new students join us throughout the year, whether due to a family move, social issues, or your child is bored in class and needs a better learning environment. We’d love to chat, and see if Cathedral is the right fit for your family.

    And rest assured knowing that once your child is at Cathedral, we’ll be here to make sure they make new friends, settle into new routines, become acquainted with new teachers, and find their way to the student life activities they’re interested in!

  • Do Cathedral teachers meet Minnesota teaching requirements?

    Yes, to ensure a very high level of academic rigor, our teachers either meet or exceed Minnesota’s teaching requirements for private schools. In addition to the state requirements, our teachers also embody these great attributes: 

    –  Respecting personal rights and the wholeness of the individual

    –  Understanding the uniqueness of the individual and the contributions and lifestyles of the various racial, cultural, and economic groups

    –  Recognizing and dealing with dehumanizing biases, bullying, exclusion, discrimination, and prejudices

    –  Creating learning environments that contribute to the self-esteem of all persons and to positive interpersonal relations

  • What grades are offered at Cathedral?

    Cathedral is a Middle School (grades 6 – 8) and High School (grades 9 – 12). Our Middle School program prepares students intellectually, emotionally, and socially for the future, as they enter High School. Cathedral’s High School program offers rigorous coursework in academic competencies, builds moral character, and develops collaboration and critical-thinking skills that are required for success in today’s changing marketplace.

    The Fall of 2022 will be the first school year with our sixth-grade class at Cathedral. 

  • Does Cathedral have extra-curricular activities like sports and arts?

    For sure! Cathedral has a vast array of extracurricular activities that fit the wide-ranging interests of our students. We have sports teams, academic teams, art club, drama, theater, dance teams, student government, summer camps, etc. We’re especially proud of our service-learning opportunities like mentoring, tutoring, volunteering with local shelters, spending time with veterans, serving the elderly, and other opportunities that help students develop a sense of servant leadership.

  • Does my child have to have attended a Catholic elementary school in order to attend Cathedral?

    No, all families and their children are welcome at Cathedral no matter where they attended elementary (or middle) school. 

  • Is there Financial Aid available for Cathedral students?

    Yes!  We call it variable tuition.  At Cathedral, we are committed to providing a high-quality, Christ-centered, education to as many families as possible. In fact, most students at Cathedral do not pay 100% of the total cost of their education. How do we do this? Through the financial backing of our generous parishioners, supportive alumni and donors, and scholarships from the Cathedral Education Foundation.  View more information and FAQs on variable tuition here.

  • How does the Catholic faith fit into my student's school day?

    Good question! At Cathedral, students will have daily prayers (in the mornings and afternoons) and a theology class, but the rest of the day is typically consumed by math, English, and other subjects you would expect to find at any school. Non-Catholic students (26% of Cathedral’s student body) are not required to take part in Catholic Sacraments. Rest assured, all student faiths are respected. We’ve even noticed that the diversity of faiths enriches our students’ faith understanding and journey.

  • Does Cathedral follow the curriculum standards required by the State of Minnesota?

    Yes, with an added benefit. Minnesota law allows private schools the freedom to teach to the whole person. Cathedral integrates faith into our classrooms. Our integrated curriculum is a hallmark of our students’ success and complements Minnesota’s Academic Standards.

    And since we’re often asked, Cathedral doesn’t teach Creationism as it differs from Catholic teachings. Science does not contradict our faith. 

  • Do Cathedral students wear uniforms?

    No, Cathedral does not require uniforms. However, Cathedral does have a dress code that reflects the values we strive to instill within our students: modesty, identity, respect for others, and positive self-worth. Research supports Cathedral’s belief that a student’s appearance has a direct effect on a student’s attitude and behavior. In the larger scope of preparing our students for their future, the dress code is designed to teach students that different types of dress are appropriate for different settings.

  • Does Cathedral follow the same school calendar as other area schools?

    Cathedral follows the St. Cloud Area Public School (ISD742) calendar and adheres to their school closing schedule for inclement weather.

    We do start our school year two weeks before ISD742. This extra time is used to fit in additional curriculum and better prepare our students for the upcoming school year. 

  • What is your average class size?

    This is one of the things parents love most about their children attending Cathedral. Our average class size is 23, and our student to teacher ratio is 16:1 and well within the guidelines for optimal student achievement. 

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