Tuition and Financial Support

A solid investment in their future. 

When you choose Cathedral, you’re investing in your child’s future. Part of our mission as a Catholic school is to provide opportunities for everyone to experience the difference a Cathedral education can make in your child’s life and your family. Don’t turn away because of tuition cost, let’s talk about how we can make Cathedral work for you.

The school your family chooses will make a big difference in the trajectory of your student’s life. Let’s chat about the Cathedral Difference:

  • Individualized learning
  • Whole-student focus
  • Christ-centered principles
  • Community and service

Financial Support

We believe every family in Central Minnesota should have access to the Christ-centered, quality education that is found at Cathedral. Most students at Cathedral do not pay 100% of the total cost of their education. We're able to provide financial support for families in these three ways.

Parishioner Donations

Our generous parishioners believe so strongly in Cathedral’s education, they give faithfully to allow students the opportunity to experience the Cathedral Difference.

Generous Donors

Thanks to generous donors to Cathedral’s Education Foundation, over 35% of our students receive support in the way of needs-based scholarships and grants.

Committed Alumni

Because they’ve experienced the difference Cathedral makes, our committed alumni make it possible for us to provide financial support and programming for Cathedral families.

Concerned about Cost?

We'll find every way we can to make tuition at Cathedral work for your family. Here's how to get the process started.

Step 1 // Apply to Cathedral

First thing’s first! Fill out the Cathedral application to get the admissions process started. Our Director of Admissions will reach out to you and guide you through the rest of the process!

Was it Worth the Cost?

Was sending our 4 children to Cathedral worth the money and sacrifice? The answer would most definitely be YES. When you enroll your children in Cathedral, you become part of a network of families with the same values and goals. This community becomes your family and lifelong friendships have been formed, not only for us as parents, but for each of our children. Cathedral has nurtured all of our kids and made them independent, strong, well-rounded individuals who have excelled academically, socially, athletically and spiritually. We are forever grateful for the great foundation, the safe environment, and the opportunity to live their faith on a daily basis, that Cathedral has provided to our children.

~Randy & Denise Budde

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