The Walz Family

Jonathan & Carolina
The Walz Family

The Walz Family in St. Cloud has strong Catholic roots and has always believed in the value of a Catholic education. With six school-aged kids, though, the cost of a Catholic education seemed out of reach for Jonathan and Carolina Walz.

Hard work has always been a pillar in the Walz household. Jonathan works as a Community Health Worker at CentraCare Melrose, and Carolina is the Office Manager at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Downtown St. Cloud.

The Walz kids have all attended the Clearview Spanish Immersion Program in Clearwater, MN. When it came time for their oldest child, Nathanial, to move on to middle school, the Jonathan and Carolina faced a dilemma – what would be the next step in for their children’s education?

Get to Know the Walz Family

Jonathan – Dad, Community Health Worker at CentraCare
Carolina – Mom, Office Administrator at St. Mary’s Cathedral
Nathanial Walz Cathedral Alum ‘20
Nathaly Walz ‘21
Nicholas Walz ‘23
Noah Walz ‘24
Niel Walz

A Desire for
Something More

Nathanial began attending a public middle school in 6th grade. After a few months, he was experiencing an environment where he didn’t feel safe. He begged his parents to be transferred.

“It is really a dark moment when your kid begs you to get them out of their school. He had the courage to ask, and it was not easy for him,” Jonathan recalls.

“I didn’t feel like the school aligned with who I was. There were a lot of gang-related issues and fights. I just didn’t feel safe,” Nathanial says.
Jonathan and Carolina began to re-evaluate their education options. They wanted a school that paired safety with strong academics and faith.

“After all, what is academic achievement if you can’t couple it with your faith foundation?” Carolina says.

During their time doing missions in Venezuala, Jonathan and Carolina had heard about Cathedral. They knew it was a place where students not only talk about their faith, but they live and experience it. That is the kind of place they wanted their kids to be taught.

The Beginning of a
Generational Change

“It can be overwhelming,” Carolina said of the admissions and enrollment processes. “We knew we had to be financially responsible with six kids, and we really wanted this for our family.”

They worked with Cathedral’s Admissions team to explore the options and determine the financial support available. With the help of the Cathedral Education Foundation, the Jonathan and Carolina were able to enroll Nathanial at Cathedral.

“Cathedral provided an environment where Nathanial felt nourished and could thrive. He grew in his faith, thrived in his academics, was involved in sports, and built a community of lifelong friends,” Jonathan says.

“Without Cathedral’s Education Foundation, we would not be able to send our kids to Cathedral, we just wouldn’t. You have given my children an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” Jonathan and Carolina Walz, parents of four current Cathedral students.

Nathanial also added that the teachers at Cathedral helped him understand his weaknesses and helped him develop in those areas. They coached him through different methods of studying, helped him prioritize his time and projects, and embraced his unique learning style.
“I just don’t think that’s something I would have gotten at a public school,” Nathanial said.

Nathanial worked throughout his high school career at PowerHouse Outdoor Equipment, cleaning and maintaining machines.
“I take a great deal of pride in my job,” Nathanial says. “I work hard and save money so I can provide for myself and pay for college without any student loans.”

As a 2020 Cathedral graduate, Nathanial is planning for his future with confidence. He will attend St. Cloud Technical and Community College to study engineering and plans to transfer to North Carolina State to become an aerospace engineer.

“Cathedral prepared me for my future,” Nathanial says. “They helped me develop the tools I needed to succeed in my professional life and taught me the values and morals that will help me succeed in my personal life.”

The Education
Foundation Impact

“I firmly believe that whatever Cathedral costs, it is worth it, every single penny. But, without Cathedral’s Education Foundation, we would not be able to send our kids to Cathedral, we just would not,” Jonathan says.

Jonathan and Carolina are forever grateful for the generous donors and gifts that make it possible for their children to attend Cathedral. Generations of families will be changed because of the Education Foundation’s impact.

“Our family is changed because of Cathedral,” Carolina says. “You have given our children an amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity.”