President’s Message: January 2023

Dear Community,

It is my privilege to serve our faith community as president of Catholic Community Schools (CCS). One of the things I love most is speaking with students and parents about the great value they find in our schools, Areas such as athletics, academics, spiritual formation, music programs, science labs, advanced learning, and service projects often come to their minds, but the one area that stands above all others is the very real benefit of the presence of Christ in our classrooms.

Our faith imbues every aspect of our school curriculum with wonder and awe at God’s good creation, and further promotes the understanding that each of us has an essential role to play in the world. This belief is reflected in the community of care that we foster within our schools, based on the Christ-like values of love, service, and generosity that we model. At CCS, we appreciate that our faith is the leading principle for the formation of the whole person, and the success our students experience is largely dependent on this focus on developing their spirits along with their minds.

Christ in our classrooms acts to bring us together as a community. Our faith reminds us to take time to celebrate as well as to grieve, and it creates the space to do that intentionally as a community. When some among us face trials, tribulations, and heartache, we as a faith community can intercede for those who are suffering and remind them of God’s ever-present love. The amplifying power of prayer in community is the truly special thing about our schools. In good times Christ reminds us of our purpose on Earth, and in hard times Christ holds our hand and gently leads the way.

Within our schools, in the classrooms and halls, at sporting events, during our regular Mass services, through our celebrations and our losses, we cultivate the space for our faith to lead us in all moments. With Christ in our classrooms, students learn the deep truths about who they are called to be and how they can live as knowledgeable and wise disciples of Christ. This, more than high achievement and test scores, tells me that our youth will be able to enter the world prepared to face any test of the heart.

Thank you for your continued support and for keeping our students, staff, and faculty members in your prayers.

By His Grace,

Scott Warzecha, President of Catholic Community Schools