Is Catholic School a Good Value?


Parents are left wondering if Catholic school for their elementary or high school-bound children is worth it. The answer: It depends.

It depends on how much value you place on the following advantages of Catholic schools.

Jesus as Teacher

The primary Catholic School advantage is reflected in the philosophy that challenges students to improve the world by living and sharing Gospel values.

  • Students explore their faith through classes and activities in Scripture and morality.
  • Catholic Schools stress the character virtues of self-control and social-awareness.
  • Faculty and staff are role models who share their faith, their talents, and their time.
  • While not all students who come to the Catholic Schools are Catholic, all share experiences of faith and values.
  • Catholic Schools encourage each student to accept the challenges of being a Christian in tomorrow’s world.
  • Students accept others rather than exclude them, to understand the difference between right and wrong, and to commit themselves to serve God by serving others.

Excellence In Academic Achievement

A Catholic education is a stimulating education. High standards, strong motivation, effective discipline and an atmosphere of caring combine to foster excellence, and a high quality of student performance is supported by the evidence.

  • Catholic School students score significantly above the national averages on standardized testing.
  • Research shows that because of a greater emphasis on homework and study, Catholic School students develop more effective writing skills.
  • Catholic High School students attend post-secondary education at a rate in excess of 98%, and are more likely to complete their program of studies.
  • While providing a stimulating and demanding education, Catholic Schools give students a high level of individualized attention and personal sharing.

Family and Community

A Catholic School recognizes the parents and family as primary educators and joins with them to form a living community of shared visions.

  • Catholic Schools encourage family input and involvement in the ongoing education of their children. Research shows that such a partnership results in higher attendance rates and lower dropout rates.
  • The Catholic School curriculum meets all state regulations and guidelines. In addition, diocesan guidelines require a strong theological curriculum.
  • Catholic School faculty members are fully qualified professionals committed to bringing out the best in their students as they grow in knowledge, skills, and values.
  • Every child shares in an educational environment filled with love and concern — a community joining together to help create a better world.

Extra-Curricular Programs

Catholic Schools are committed to the development of the whole student. Extra-curricular activities are regarded as an important part of the total learning experience.

  • The emphasis is on participation by all students.
  • Community service programs are integral parts of the educational process.
  • Appropriate social and cultural activities, under school sponsorship, provide relaxation and creative outlets.
  • Athletics may include football, soccer, hockey, track, basketball, swimming, gymnastics, volleyball and other fall, winter, and spring sports.

Bottom Line

If you value a living-the-Gospel atmosphere with academic rigor that forms the whole person, then Catholic Schools are a good fit for you.

Can I Afford a Cathedral Education?

Cathedral uses a variable tuition plan similar to those used by other Catholic and private schools. This program allows families to apply for a reduced tuition that fits their financial situation. Thus, a Cathedral education becomes affordable to many students who could not otherwise join our school community. As a result, our students represent a broad range of socio-economic backgrounds, enhancing the learning experience for every Cathedral student. Contact our Admissions Office today to discuss your unique financial needs. We have many tools available to us to help you gain a valuable Catholic education.