Legacy Giving

Your Gift; Your Legacy

Many Cathedral alumni and friends look back on their times at Cathedral with fondness and happy memories. Although maybe not realizing it at the time, Cathedral has helped shape values, lifelong friendships, and life experiences. Now, by God's grace, many are looking for a way to help others have a similar experience through their wills and estate planning.

Cathedral has a network of experts to help you maximize the benefit of your gift while protecting your assets, ensuring you have enough in this life, and minimizing your taxes through legacy giving.

An Impact that Lasts

Every adult has an estate, which comprises all of your assets and property. An estate plan—in the form of a will, trust, beneficiary instructions, or other instruments—provides for how your estate should be handled after your lifetime.

An estate plan ensures that your assets go to the people and organizations that you choose. By creating an estate plan, you ensure that your wishes with respect to your estate are honored. If you do not have an estate plan, state law determines who will receive your assets.

Individuals often wish to support Cathedral beyond their lifetime. And there are ways to accomplish this objective while simultaneously realizing immediate benefits:
• Reduced or eliminated capital gains tax.
• Lifetime income for the donor and/or another beneficiary.
• Substantial federal income tax deductions.
• Eliminated or reduced federal estate taxes.
• Higher income streams from low-yielding assets.
• Legacy provision for you and your family through a meaningful gift to a cause or causes you care about.

By naming Cathedral in your will or estate plan, you can help ensure that our school thrives forever.

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