Crusader Youth Sports

Crusader Youth Sports

August 2022 Cathedral launched a new youth sports program called ‘Crusader Youth Sports.’ This supports grades 4-6, offering a unique opportunity to all CCS schools take part, meet future classmates and teammates as students are blended together across CCS grades 4-6 each week, across the different sports activities.

Cathedral student-athletes work with our nearly 200 youth athletes helping to coach and develop these younger athletes across a number if weeks.  High schoolers share smiles, laughter and hi-fives as they teach and become role models to the next generation of the sport

A moment of Crusader-pride watching the link between the youth participants and the “big kids” in this CYS program”

Many of our high school student athletes help to coach the young CYS athletes. “I love watching the little kids improve each week. It makes me happy that they show up with smiles and are having fun,” said one of our student leaders, Mirtnesh O’Neal.

Another student leader, Jacob Eickhoff said, “It’s blast and everyone’s excited to be there!”

Sam Leintz, a Cathedral teacher and parent of CYS athlete, loves the program. “My favorite thing about CYS is the fact that my child gets to be mentored and coached by the same players he cheers for in the stands at games. Seeing the Cathedral athletes put so much time and effort into developing relationships with the young athletes is so special—a true “full-circle” feeling!”

We cannot wait to watch this program grow and develop further and we appreciate all the support we have received so far!